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How much is the monthly rent?  Please see the Resident Selection Criteria (RSC) for rate information.

What if my income is too high? There is no income maximum for our Market rate apartments.
Do I qualify for the community if I am a student? For our Market Rate apartments- yes!    
Why do I need to give you proof of all income? Income will need to be verified to show the applicant meets the minimum income requirement. This can be from paystubs, offer letters, employment verifications, pension, award letters, 1099, and more.  
I’m working full time now but will soon change to part time. Can I still apply? Yes. Please see the minimum income guidelines.
I’ve recently been offered a job but I’m not working right now. Can I still apply? Yes! Please provide a current dated and signed offer letter from your future employer showing the start of employment and the salary information for determination of eligibility.

What’s included? Water, Sewage, and Trash are included.
Will residents be responsible for electric? You will be responsible for electric costs.
I’m not sure if I can get utilities in my name. How can I find out? What do I do? Call the utility provider directly to discuss utility service and learn about their application process and credit requirements. Proof of Electric in your name is required at the time of lease signing.

Do you accept pets? Yes! We love our furry residents!

How much is the pet fee? $300 one-time nonrefundable pet fee

I have an emotional support animal what documents do I need to provide? Please speak with our professional management team for specific information.

Amenities & Features:
Is there an elevator? Yes, there are multiple elevators in the building.

Will you have Parking? Yes, we have an underground parking garage. See management for more details.

Can I get my own washer and dryer? Yes! Each apartment will have a washer and dryer.

Is there closet space? Yes!

Are appliances included? Yes, each apartment includes energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen.

I want one floor living-no steps. -That is exactly what we offer!

Application & Leasing:

How can I fill out an actual application? Online Applications are available here:  www.springflatsrobeson.com 
Printable applications are also available for download and can be mailed upon request.

What is the application fee? $25 per person aged 18 or older.

How long does it take to process my application? The process can be more efficient if all requested documents are available at the time of the application interview. Bringing in ID information, proof of income, and providing additional documents when requested significantly reduces the processing time.

I live in a community that used to be managed by Habitat America. Does this matter for my application? We are thrilled to have you join our Habitat America family again! As each community has different application and qualifying criteria, we must ask everyone to go through the application process for each new Community they apply with.

Is there currently a waiting list?  The affordable waiting list is closed but market rate apartments are available now!

When can I see an apartment? We are currently touring by appointment only. Please call us to schedule today! (202) 722-4400
Will I be able to pay my rent online? Yes!